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Master of Advanced Engineering

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Monash University provides innovative engineering research solutions and offers a wide range of undergraduate engineering degrees. Our Faculty of Engineering is renowned worldwide for the quality of our teaching and strength in engineering research.

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Image: D Sikdar and M Premaratne/Monash University

Tiny optical antennas: a nano revolution

Newly developed tiny optical antennas, which function like spotlights at the nanoscale, offer the potential to measure food safety, identify air pollutants and even quickly diagnose and treat deadly diseases, like cancer.

Magnetic material attracts attention for cancer therapy

An extraordinary self-regulating heating effect that can be achieved in a particular type of magnetic material may open the doors to a new strategy for hyperthermia cancer treatment.

Monash Unmanned Aerial Systems flying high

From the UAV Outback Challenge, search and rescue missions to quadcopters of all sizes! The Monash UAS Team are making the most of their university experience.
MIME Director, Professor Rosenfeld

New Institute to improve health through development of medical technology

A generous scholarship funded by Monash Health will help enable important biomedical research at a new and unique collaboration, the Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME).
The Faculty of Engineering thanks our generous industry sponsors.