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Monash Industry Team Initiative

Master of Advanced Engineering

Chief Research Officer: CRC for Water Sensitive Cities

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Monash University provides innovative engineering research solutions and offers a wide range of undergraduate engineering degrees. Our Faculty of Engineering is renowned worldwide for the quality of our teaching and strength in engineering research.

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The researchers analysed the aerodynamic force variation of the athletes subject to interference and the change in forces, particularly drag, allowed them to model and predict the effect on performance.

Minimising drag to maximise results

One of the most exciting parts of the Tour de France for spectators is the tactical vying for spots in the breakaway group at the front of the pack.
The Monash team was first runner-up in the competition

Competition a winner in art of bridge-building

The eighth Inter-University Invitational Civil Engineering Competition was a resounding success.

Gold shapes up as new-age sensor

A wearable pressure sensor that is both highly sensitive and cheap to produce could aid the development of prosthetic skin, touch-on flexible displays and energy harvesting, as well as changing the way vital health signs are monitored.
Professor Dan Li has been selected in Thomson Reuters' Highly Cited Researchers 2014 list.

Monash Engineer among world's most influential researchers

Professor Dan Li of the Department of Materials Engineering has been recognised as among the world's most Highly Cited Researchers in a new list just released by Thomson Reuters.
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