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About Faculty of Engineering

Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy
Joanne Etheridge

Joanne Etheridge

Director, Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy & Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
+61 3 990 51836
Room G05, Building 81, Clayton Campus

Teaching Commitments:

  • PHS4000
  • MTE4598


  • 2011 Publications
  • Bjrge R, Nakashima PNH, Marioara CD, Andersen SJ, Muddle BC, Etheridge J, Holmestad R Acta Materialia 59 6103-6109 (2011) Precipitates in an Al-Mg-Ge Alloy Studied by Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Lazar S, Etheridge J, Dwyer C, Botton GA Acta Crystallographica A67 487-490 (2011) A new approach to atomic resolution imaging using the real space distribution of electrons scattered by a crystalline material
  • Nakashima, PN, Moodie, AF, Etheridge J Ultramicroscopy 111 841-846 (2011) A New Approach to Structure Amplitude Determination from 3-Beam Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction Patterns
  • Maunders C, Dwyer C, Tiemeijer PC, Etheridge J Ultramicroscopy 111 1437-1446 (2011) Practical methods for the measurement of spatial coherence - a comparative study
  • Etheridge J, Lazar, S, Dwyer C, Botton, GA Physical Review Letters 106 160802 (2011) Imaging High-Energy Electrons Propagating in a Crystal See Physics 4 32 (2011) for Viewpoint article
  • Nakashima, PN, Smith, AE, Etheridge J, Muddle, BC Science 331, 1583-1586 (2011) The Bonding Electron Density in Aluminium
  • Katz-Boon, H, Rossouw, C, Weyland, M, Funston, AM, Mulvaney P, Etheridge J Nano Letters 11, 273278 (2011) Three Dimensional Morphology and Crystallography of Gold Nanorods

Research Interests:

  • The theory and application of high energy electron scattering in solids. Determination of atomic structure and bonding, particularly in nanostructured materials.
  • Ultrahigh resolution electron diffraction and imaging.