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About Faculty of Engineering
Tamarapu Sridhar

Tamarapu Sridhar

Emeritus Sir John Msh Distinguished Prof

Professional Appointments

  • 2014-current : Academic Vice President, China & India Research Institutes
  • 2003-2013 : Dean, Faculty of Engineering
  • Department of Chemical Engineering, Monash University
    • 1992-2003: Professor and Chairman
    • 1987-1992: Reader
    • 1982-1986: Senior Lecturer
    • 1978-1980: Senior Teaching Fellow
    • 1977-1978: Research Assistant
  • 1981-1982: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA .


  • Centenary Medal for service to Chemical Engineering
  • ESSO award for significant contributions to Chemical Engineering
  • G.P.Kane Chemical Weekly Distinguished Speakership award

Professional Affiliations

  • Fellow Australian Academy of Science
  • Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
  • Fellow, Institution of Chemical Engineers
  • Fellow, Institution of Engineers, Australia
  • Australian Society Rheology (Past President)
  • Co Editor, Korea-Australia Rheology Journal


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Research Interests:

  • Gas liquid reactions: Studying the effect of mass transfer on chemical reaction especially at high pressures and temperatures in organic oxidations.
  • Polymer rheology: Measurement of extensional viscosity of polymer solutions and analysis of the behaviour of macromolecules in this flow field.