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Akshat Tanksale

Akshat Tanksale

Senior Lecturer
+61 3 990 24388
Room 207, Building 69, Clayton Campus
PhD (Chemical Engineering), UQ (2008); Master of Engineering (Chemical), UQ (2004); Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical), NIT, Raipur, India (2001)

The petroleum reserves are rapidly depleting and there is no clear alternative as yet. Many world economies will collapse if a solution is not found soon. Dr Akshat Tanksale believes that innovating new processes and designing novel heterogeneous catalysts at the nanoscale is the key for developing alternative fuels and chemicals.

Akshat is working in the field of catalysis and green chemistry to reduce our dependence on petroleum as a resource for fuels, chemicals and plastics production. His research is focused on developing catalysts and processes for converting lignocellulosic biomass into liquid fuels, hydrogen and value added chemicals.

This research is very challenging. Breakthrough research is required to achieve a long term sustainable solution. It involves a multi-disciplinary approach which spans across materials science and engineering, including nanomaterials, physical chemistry and chemical engineering principles. This research is extremely important in the current socio-economic environment where petroleum refining capacity is seeing a downward trend in Australia, limiting our access to petrochemicals.

Teaching Commitments:

  • CHE2162
  • CHE3165


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Current PhD Students
Pratik Gholkar (IITB-Monash Academy Main Superivor)
Negin Amini (Main Supervisor)
Tigabwa Ahmed (Main Supervisor)
Sheryl Moh (Main Supervisor)
Teck Ching (Main Supervisor)
Cameron Hunt (Main Supervisor)
Graduate PhD Students
Dr Abhijit Shrotri, UQ (External Supervisor)
Dr Frank Chan (Main Supervisor)
Dr Asyraf Mohd Kassim (Associate Supervisor)
Alimohammad Bahmanpour (Main Supervisor)

Community Service:

Monash University Representative on the Joint Victorian Chemical Engineers Committee (JVCEC) under the common umbrella of IChemE and Engineers Australia.

Professional Association:

Member, IChemE
Graduate Member, Australian Institute of Energy
Member, ARC Nanotechnology Network
Member, ARNAM

Research Interests:

  • Green Chemistry
  • Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • Nanomaterials
  • Enzymatic Depolymerisation of Biomass
  • Biofuels and Biochemicals
  • Hydrogen Production and Storage
  • Photocatalysis for Water Splitting and Purification