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David Brennan

David Brennan

+61 3 990 55687
Room 209, 69, Clayton Campus
Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), University of Melbourne, 1986; A.Mus.A. (Organ) Australian Music Examinations Board, 1979; M.Eng.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), Monash University, 1973; B.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), University of New South Wales, 1963

Professional Appointments

1997-Present: Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Monash University
1989-1996: Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering, Monash University
1975-1989: Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering, RMIT
1970-1974: Lecturer, RMIT
1967-1969: Process Engineer, Simon Carves (Australia)
1964-1967: Process Engineer, I.C.I. (Australia)

Visiting Appointments

1992: Visiting Fellow, ICI Engineering
1989-1991: Visiting Lecturer (Part-time), University of Melbourne
1980: Visiting Lecturer, Loughborough University of Technology

Professional Affiliations

Fellow, Institution of Chemical Engineers
Member, Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society


Institution of Chemical Engineers - Senior Moulton Medal 1998

Teaching Activities

Design, process economics, sustainable processing


  • Book Chapters
  • Brennan, D., ‘Life Cycle Evaluation of Chemical Processing Plants’. Chapter 3 in ‘Handbook of Environmentally Conscious Materials and Chemical Processing’ John Wiley and Sons inc. 2007 (pp59-88)
  • Selected Papers
  • T.J.Falke, A.F.A.Hoadley, D.J.Brennan, S.E.Sinclair ‘The sustainability of clean coal technology: IGCC with/without CCS’ Process Safety and Environmental Protection Vol 89, pp41-52, 2011
  • D.J.Brennan ‘Education Priorities for Chemical Engineers in Green Process Engineering’ Proceedings 2nd International Congress on Green Process Engineering, Venice, June 2009
  • D.J.Brennan ‘B2E2P4 Framework for Enviro-Economic Assessment ’ Proceedings 2nd International Congress- Green Process Engineering, Venice, June, 2009
  • D.J.Brennan ‘Principles for successful development of process industry projects’ Proceedings of Chemeca Brisbane (6 pages), 2005
  • J.R.May and D.J.Brennan ‘Life cycle assessment of Australian fossil fuel energy options’ Transactions of IChemE, Vol. 81 Part B pp317-330, 2003
  • D.J.Brennan and A.F.A.Hoadley ‘Chemicals production at the point of use. The Case of Sodium Cyanide.’ Proceedings of Chemeca 2003, Paper 153 (9 pages)
  • D.J. Brennan ‘Chemical Engineering Design and Undergraduate Education’ Chemical Engineering in Australia Vol ChE20, No. 3, September, 19-22, 1995
  • D.J.Brennan‘Options for new capacity development in Australian electricity generation’ Proceedings of Chemeca, Melbourne, (8 pages) 2007
  • D.J.Brennan and K.A.Golonka ‘New factors for capital cost estimation in evolving process designs.’ Transactions of IChemE Vol 80 Part A pp579-586, 2002
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  • Books
  • Brennan, D. “Sustainable Process Engineering” in press, Pan Stanford, 360 pp, 2012
  • Brennan, D., "Process Industry Economics. An International Perspective", IChemE, 292pp, 1998
  • Breuer, P. and Brennan, D., "Capital Cost Estimation of Process Equipment", I.E.Aust., 65pp, 1994
  • Brennan, D., "Process Industry Economics. An Australian Perspective", Longman Cheshire, 214pp, 1990

Research Interests:

  • Application of life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology to evaluation, selection and design of process technologies
  • Capacity planning and scale economies in new and operating plant
  • Combined environmental, economic and sustainability assessment of processes
  • Cost estimation and economic evaluation of process technologies and process plants