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Qijun Zheng

Qijun Zheng

Research Fellow
+61 3 990 51790
Room P06, 24 Research Way, Clayton Campus


  • Selected Papers:
  • Zheng, Q., Xia, B., Pan, R., Yu, A., 2017. Piping flow of cohesive granular materials in silo modelled by finite element method. Granular Matter 19, 2.
  • Zheng, Q., Xu, M., Chu, K., Pan, R., Yu, A., 2016. A coupled FEM/DEM model for pipe conveyor systems: Analysis of the contact forces on belt. Powder Technology.
  • Zheng, Q.J., Yu, A.B., 2015. Finite element investigation of the flow and stress patterns in conical hopper during discharge. Chemical Engineering Science 129, 49-57.
  • Zheng, Q.J., Yu, A.B., 2014. Why have continuum theories previously failed to describe sandpile formation? Physical Review Letters 113, 068001.
  • Zheng, Q.J., Zhou, Z.Y., Yu, A.B., 2013. Contact forces between viscoelastic ellipsoidal particles. Powder Technology 248, 25-33.
  • Zheng, Q.J., Zhu, H.P., Yu, A.B., 2012. Finite element analysis of the contact forces between a viscoelastic sphere and rigid plane. Powder Technology 226, 130-142.
  • Zheng, Q.J., Zhu, H.P., Yu, A.B., 2011. Finite element analysis of the rolling friction of a viscous particle on a rigid plane. Powder Technology 207, 401-406.


Graduated one PhD student, and is currently co-supervising 2 postgraduate students.

Community Service:

Frequent referee for journals of Powder Technology, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, et al, completing >60 reviews of journal papers. Member of International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM).

Research Interests:

  • Granular flow, particle mixing and segregation, continuum modelling theory and method, applications in bulk solids handling (silos and belt conveyors)