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Qinfu Hou

Qinfu Hou

Room 109, 33, Clayton Campus

Qinfu's research interest lies in the understanding of the mechanics and thermo-chemical behaviours of granular and multiphase flows, through rigorous multiscale modelling and simulations. The knowledge can be applied to solving practical problems in industry, including in mineral processing, metallurgy, agriculture and geotechnical engineering. To achieve this, his work focuses on developing multiscale models to simulate granular and multiphase flows at different time and length scales, facilitated by experimental validation. His main research areas include (i) heat and mass transfer in gas-solid flows, (ii) chemical reactions in gas-solid flows, (iii) multiscale modelling of gas-solid fluidization, and (iv) development of numerical techniques and tools.


  • Around 50 publications, including one book chapter, 22 journal articles and 8 peer reviewed conference papers with citations of 119 and h-index 6 (Google Scholar as of 9 September 2014). Many of these papers were published in the internationally leading journals with high impact factors, including Powder Technology, AIChE J., Chemical Engineering Science. In fact, more than 40% of the journal publications were published in the former A or A* journals. One journal article in CES is a featured article by Advances in Engineering and is selected by a Joint Virtual Special Issue of Chemical Engineering Science, Powder Technology and Particuology Towards Engineering Mesoscience.


He has co-supervised several master and phd students in Northeastern University of China. One master student is graduated from UNSW Australia (May 2015). + He is currently co-supervising one master and two phd candidates with Professor Aibing Yu (4th June 2015).

Research Interests:

  • Fluidization, granular media, heat and mass transfer, chemical reactions, metallurgy