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Ruiping Zou

Ruiping Zou

Associate Professor (Research)
Room P23/Portable 3 (SIMPAS), 24 Research Way, Clayton Campus
B.Eng. (NEU, China) 1986, M.Eng. (UoW, Aust) 1990, PhD (UNSW, Aust) 1997


  • Authored career total of >121 refereed publications (65 Journal papers and 56 refereed conference papers).
  • Selected Publications:
  • R. P. Zou, M. L. Gan and A.B. Yu, Prediction of the porosity of multi-component mixtures of cohesive and non-cohesive particles, Chemical Engineering Science, 66 (2011), 4711-4721.
  • A. B. Yu, X.Z. An, R.P. Zou, R.Y. Yang and K. Kendall, Self-assembly of particles for densest packing by mechanical vibration, Physical Review Letters, 97 (2006) 265501.
  • R.P. Zou, C.L. Feng, J.Q. Xu, A.B. Yu, Prediction of the Porosity of Multi-component Mixtures of Wet Coarse Spheres,Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 44 (2005) 8401-8408.
  • A.B. Yu, R.P. Zou and N. Standish, Modifying the Linear Packing Model for Predicting the Porosity of Nonspherical Particle Mixtures, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 35 (1996) 3730-3741.
  • R.P. Zou and A.B. Yu, Evaluation of the Packing Characteristics of Mono-sized Nonspherical Particles, Powder Technology, 88 (1996) 71-79.


Graduated eight PhD and six M.Eng (as co-supervisor), and is currently supervising five postgraduate students

Community Service:

Being the Manager of Simpas (Lab for Simulation and Modelling of Particulate Systems), currently consisting of > 40 researchers, since 2002.
Being the referee for ARC DP and LP grant applications since 2002.
Being the referee for various learned journals including Powder Technology, Chemical Engineering Science and Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research; also reviewing papers for international conferences such as Chemeca and Powders and Grain.
Being the conference coordinator of 3rd Australia-China-Japan Joint symposium on iron and Steel making, Aug. 2010, Sydney, Australia; Powders and Grains international Conference, July 2013, Sydney, Australia and 2nd Australia-China Joint Symposium on Minerals and Metallurgy, July 2014, Sydney, Australia.
Being the coordinator of Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials (3-M Centre) (2013-2015).

Research Interests:

  • Powder/particle technology: particle characterisation and data interpretation; particle packing characteristics and porosity prediction; particle-structure-property relations; processing and handling of bulk/particulate materials; simulation of particulate systems, and applications in mineral/metallurgy/material industries.