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Faculty of Engineering

Mining continues to play a significant role in the economic development of Australia. Social and environmental issues are the top most concerns moving ahead in the 21st Century. In realizing the bipolarity character of the mining industry, the community survey on attitudes towards mining and reclamation aims to clarify the community thoughts and expectations about the mining industry and its response towards Australian society.


Understanding the Mining-Society Relationship

Although mining has been responsible for shaping Australian history and continues to play a dominant role in Australia’s economy, the relationship between the mining industry and society is not well understood, and still remains quite complex and even sensitive in some regions. There exists no straightforward and solitary solution to address the host of environmental and social issues and challenges it presents in Australia.

The main purpose of this community survey is to understand how Australians’ attitudes toward mining and reclamation are related to their personal characteristics and experience, and how their knowledge of mining and reclamation can affect these attitudes.

The survey on attitudes towards mining and reclamation will contribute towards a better understanding and improved knowledge about 'mining-society’ relationships. This research will inform the mining industry as well as government about 'what constitutes a social licence to operate' for the mining industry in Australia.

This anonymous survey will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete but will mean so much to us!