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Dan Li

Dan Li

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering & Co-Director, Monash Centre for Atomically Thin Materials
+61 3 990 59673
Room 257, 20 Research, Clayton Campus

Professional Recognition

  • 2014, 2015: Highly Cited Researcher in the category of Materials Science (Thomson Reuters); also recognised in “World's Most Influential Scientific Minds
  • 2012: Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research (Faculty of Engineering, Monash)
  • 2011 Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (2012–15)
  • 2010: Inaugural Scopus Young Researcher of the Year Award in Engineering and Technology (organised by Universities  Australia, Elsevier, and The Australian)
  • 2006: Inventor Recognition Award (Microelectronics Advanced Research Corporation)
  • 2006 Australian Research Council Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship (2006–11)


The Li group has published more than 90 research and invited review articles as of 2015, including two in Science, one in Science Advances, one in Nature Nanotechnology, one in Nature Materials, two in Nature Communications, eleven in Advanced Materials, two in Advanced Functional Materials, one in Journal of the American Chemical Society,and one in Angewandte Chemie. Two of Li’s papers are listed among top 12 most cited papers in the field of Materials Science during 2004–14 (Thomson Reuters).

A full list of Li group’s publications can be found at Researcher ID or Google Scholar. Below is a list of his group’s representative publications related to graphene-based soft materials.

  • Cheng, C., Jiang, G., Garvey, C.J., Wang, Y., Simon, P. S., Liu, J.Z. & Li, D*. Ion transport in complex layered graphene-based membranes with tuneable interlayer spacing, Science Advances, in press.
  • Qiu L, Coskun M B, Tang Y, Liu J Z, Alan T, Ding J, Truong V-T, Li D*. Ultrafast dynamic piezoresistive response of graphene-based cellular elastomers. Advanced Materials, DOI: 10.1002/adma201503957 (2015).
  • Wang Y, Chen S, Qiu L, Wang K, Wang H, Simon G P, Li D*. Graphene-directed supramolecular assembly of multifunctional polymer hydrogel membranes. Advanced Functional Materials 25, 126–133 (2015).
  • Qiu L, Liu D, Wang Y, Cheng C, Zhou K, Ding J, Truong V, Li D*. Mechanically robust, electrically conductive and stimuli-responsive binary network hydrogels enabled by superelastic graphene aerogels. Advanced Materials 26, 3333–3337 (2014).
  • Yang, X., Cheng, C., Wang, Y. Qiu, L. & Li, D*, Liquid-mediated dense integration of graphene materials for compact capacitive energy storage, Science, 341, 534-537 (2013).
  • Cheng, C. & Li, D*. Solvated graphenes: An emerging class of functional soft materials (invited review), Advanced Materials 25, 13-30 (2013).
  • Lu, J.Y., He, Y.S., Cheng, C., Wang, Y., Qiu, L., Li, D.*, Zou, D.R.* Self-supporting graphene hydrogel film as an experimental platform to evaluate the potential of graphene for bone regeneration, Advanced Functional Materials, 23, 3494-3502 (2013).
  • Zhu, J., Cheng, C. Yang, X.W., Wang, Y.F., Qiu, L. & Li, D*. Dynamic electrosorption analysis as an effective means to characterize the structure of bulk graphene assemblies, Chemistry-a European Journal, 19, 3082-3089 (2013).
  • Wang, Y.F., Yang, X.W., Qiu, L. & Li, D.* Revisiting the capacitance of polyaniline by using graphene hydrogel film as a substrate: the importance of nano-architecturing, Energy and Environmental Science 6, 477-481 (2013).
  • Qiu, L., Liu, Z., Chang, S., Wu, Y. & Li, D* Biomimetic superelastic graphene-based cellular monoliths, Nature Communications 3, 1241, (2012).
  • Qiu, L., Zhang, X. H., Yang, W. R., Wang, Y. F., Simon, G. P. & Li, D*. Controllable corrugation of chemically converted graphene sheets in water and potential application for nanofiltration. Chemical Communications, 47, 5810-5812. (2011).
  • Yang, X. W., Qiu, L. Cheng, C. Wu, Y.Z. Ma, Z.F. & Li, D*. Ordered Gelation of Chemically Converted Graphene for Next-Generation Electroconductive Hydrogel Films. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 50, 7325-7328 (2011).
  • Yang, X. W., Zhu, J. W., Qiu, L. & Li, D*. Bio-inspired effective prevention of restacking in multilayered graphene films: Towards the next generation of high-performance supercapacitors. Advanced Materials, 23, 2833-2838, (2011).
  •  Bei, F. L., Hou, X. L., Chang, S., Simon, G. G. & Li, D*. Interfacing colloidal graphene oxide sheets with gold nanoparticles. Chemistry: a European Journal, 17, 5958-5964, (2011).
  • Qiu, L., Yang, X. W., Gou, X. L., Yang, W. R., Ma, Z. F., Wallace, G. G. & Li, D*. Dispersing Carbon Nanotubes with Graphene Oxide in Water and Synergistic Effects between Graphene Derivatives. Chemistry-a European Journal 16, 10653-10658 (2010).
  • Chen, H., Muller, M. B., Gilmore, K. J., Wallace, G. G*. & Li, D*. Mechanically strong, electrically conductive, and biocompatible graphene paper. Advanced Materials 20, 3557 (2008).
  • Li, D*., Muller, M. B., Gilje, S., Kaner, R. B. & Wallace, G. G*. Processable aqueous dispersions of graphene nanosheets. Nature Nanotechnology 3, 101-105 (2008).
  • Li, D*. & Kaner, R. B* Graphene-based materials (Perspective). Science 320, 1170-1171 (2008).

Teaching Commitments:

  • MTE4597

Research Interests:

  • Scalable synthesis of novel functional soft materials (colloids, hydrogels and cellular materials) based on graphene and other two dimensional materials including their nanocomposites with polymers and biomaterials
  • Nanoionics based on nanoporous membranes for energy storage and conversion devices, water purification, smart membranes, drug delivery, biological tissue engineering and other new nanoionic devices
  • Superelastic cellular materials for flexible electronics, soft robotics, tissue engineering, thermal management and high-performance nanocomposites
  • Electrochemistry of nanoporous materials
  • New techniques for characterization of complex soft materials
  • R&D strategies for commercialization of new materials