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Udo Bach

Udo Bach

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
+61 3 990 56264
Room 108, Building 82, Clayton Campus

2006 Australian Research Fellow (Monash University)
2005 Monash Research Fellow (Monash University)
2004 - 2005 PostDoc (UC Berkeley / USA) in the group of Prof. Paul Alivisatos
2003 - 2004 Post Doc (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne/Switzerland) in the group of Prof. Michael Grätzel
2000-2003 Research Group Leader at NTera Ltd. (Dublin/Ireland; Development of paper-quality displays)
1995 - 2000 PhD (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne/Switzerland) under the supervision of Prof. Michael Grätzel (Solid State Dye-Sensitized Mesoporous TiO2 solar cells)
1995 Chemistry Diploma (University of Konstanz/Germany)

VICOSC group

Teaching Commitments:

  • MTE 3545, MTE4597


  • U. Bach, D. Lupo, P. Comte, J.E. Moser, F. Weissoertel, J. Salbeck, H. Spreitzer, M. Graetzel Solid-state dye-sensitized mesoporous TiO2 solar cells with high photon-to-electron conversion efficiencies. Nature 395, 583-585 (1998) (See also News & Views)
  • A. Nattestad, A. J. Mozer, M. K. R. Fischer, Y.-B. Cheng, A. Mishra, P. Buerle, U. Bach Highly Efficient Photocathodes for Dye-Sensitized Tandem Solar Cells Nature Materials 9 (1) 31-35 (2010)
  • T. Daeneke, T.-H. Kwon, A. B. Holmes, N. W. Duffy, U. Bach, L. Spiccia, High Efficiency Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Ferrocene-based Electrolytes Nature Chemistry 3, 311-215 (2011) (See also News & Views)
  • Y. Zheng, C. H. Lalander, S. Dhuey, S. Cabrini & U. Bach* Gutenberg-style Printing of Self-assembled Nanoparticle Arrays Angewandte Chemie International Edition published online March 2011
  • A. Nattestad, X. Zhang, U. Bach & Y.-B. Cheng Dye-sensitized CuAlO2 photocathodes for tandem solar cell applications Journal of Photonics for Energy 1, 1 (2011)
  • D. Fu, X. Zhang, R. Barber & U. Bach Back-Contact Dye-Sensitized Solar cells Advanced Materials 22(38) (2010) (See also Nature Photonics Technology Focus) (Highlighted in NPG Nature Asia)
  • C. Lalander, Y. Zheng, S. Dhuey, S. Cabrini, U. Bach DNA-Directed Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles onto Nanopatterned Surfaces ACS Nano 4 (10) 6153 (2010)
  • Y. Zheng, C. Lalander & U. Bach Nanoscale force induced size-selective separation and self-assembly of metal nanoparticles: sharp colloidal stability thresholds and hcp ordering Chem Comm. 46 (42) 7963 (2010)
  • Xiao Li Zhang, Fuzhi Huang, Andrew Nattestad, Kun Wang, Dongchuan Fu, Amaresh Mishra, Peter Buerle, Udo Bach and Yi-Bing Cheng Enhanced open-circuit voltage of p-type DSC with highly crystalline NiO nanoparticles Chem. Comm., 47, 4808-4810 (2011)
  • S. Thomson, N. Duffy, U. Bach & Y.-B. Cheng, On the role of the spacer layer in monolithic DSCs J. Phys Chem. C 114 (5) 2365 (2010)
  • A. Burke; S. Ito, H. Snaith, U. Bach, J. Kwiatkowski & M. Graetzel, The function of a TiO2 compact layer in dye-sensitized solar cells incorporating "planar" organic dyes Nano Letters 8(4), 977-81 (2008)
  • U. Bach, Y. Tachibana, J.E. Moser, S.A. Haque, D.R. Klug, M. Graetzel & J.R. Durrant Charge separation in solid-state dye-sensitized heterojunction solar cells. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 121, 7445-7446 (1999)
  • L. Schmidt-Mende, U. Bach et al., Organic Dye for Highly Efficient Solid State Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Advanced Materials 17 (7) 813 (2005)
  • U. Bach, D. Corr, D. Lupo, F. Pichot & Michael Ryan, Nanomaterials-based electrochromics for paper-quality displays. Advanced Materials 14 (11) 845-848 (2002) (Highlighted in Science, Editors Choice, 296, 1933 (2002))
  • J. Krueger, U. Bach & M. Graetzel Modification of TiO2 heterojunctions with benzoic acid derivatives in hybrid solid-state devices Advanced Materials 12 (6), 447-451 (2000)
  • U. Bach, K. DeCloedt, H. Spreitzer & M. Graetzel Characterization of hole transport in a new class of spiro-linked oligotriphenylamine compounds. Advanced Materials 12 (14), 1060-1063 (2000)
  • S. Ito, U. Bach et al., Control of darkcurrent in photoelectrochemical (TiO2/I--I3-) and dye-sensitized solar cells Chem. Comm. 34, 4351 (2005)
  • K. Fredin, K. Anderson, N. Duffy, G. Wilson, C. Fell, H. Christopher; D. Hagberg, L. Sun, U. Bach & S.-E. Lindquist. The Effect on Cell Efficiency Following Thermal Degradation of Dye-Sensitized Mesoporous Electrodes Using N719 and D5 Sensitizers J. Phys Chem. C 113 (43) 18902 (2009)
  • H. Han, U. Bach, Y. Cheng et al., A design for monolithic all-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells with a platinized carbon counterelectrode Appl. Phys Lett., 94 (10) 103102 (2009)
  • J. Krueger, R. Plass, L. Cevey, M. Piccirelli, M. Graetzel & U. Bach High efficiency solid-state photovoltaic device due to inhibition of interface charge recombination. Appl. Phys. Lett.; 79 (13), (2001), 2085-2087
  • J.E. Moser, D. Noukakis, U. Bach, Y. Tachibana, D.R. Klug, J.R. Durrant, R. Humphry-Baker & M. Graetzel, Comments on Measurements of ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer J. Phys. Chem. B 102, 3649-3650 (1998)
  • R. Plass, S. Pellet, J. Krueger, M. Graetzel & U. Bach, Quantum Dot sensitization of organic-inorganic hybrid solar cells. J. Phys. Chem B 106, 7578-7580 (2002)
  • H. Han, U. Bach, Y. Cheng, R. Caruso, Increased Nanopore filling: Affect on monolithic all-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells Appl. Phys Lett., 90 (21) 213510 (2007)
  • A. Nattestad, M. Ferguson, R. Kerr, Y.-B. Cheng & U. Bach Dye-sensitized nickel(II)oxide photocathodes for tandem solar cell applications Nanotechnology 19, 295304 (2008)
  • D. Corr, U. Bach, D. Fay, M. Kinsella, C. McAtamney, F. OReilly, S.N. Rao & N. Stobie, Coloured electrochromic paper-quality displays based on modified mesoporous electrodes. Solid State Ionics 165 (1-4), 315-321 (2003)



- Dr Feng Li
- Dr Wei Li
- Dr Askhat Jumabekov
- Dr Lei Yang
- Dr Niraj Lal

PhD students under supervision

- Mr Soon Hock Ng
- Mr Julian Lloyd
- Miss Rebecca Milhuisen
- Mr Qicheng Hou
- Mr Linton Lin
- Mr Wenxin Mao
- Miss Dorota Bacal
- Miss Boer Tan

Research Interests:

  • Dye-sensitized Tandem Solar Cells
  • Back-Contact Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
  • Novel Electrolytes for Dye-Sensitized Tandem Solar Cells
  • New infrared sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells
  • Size-selective separation of gold-nanoparticles
  • Templated placement of individual nanoparticles onto surface nanopatterns through DNA-directed self-assembly
  • Stamping of nanoparticle assemblies
  • DNA-Directed Nanofabrication