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Xinhua Wu

Xinhua Wu

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering & Director, Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing
Room 233, Building 70, Clayton Campus

Prof Wu’s research interest is in the development of aerospace materials, in particular Ti alloys, and their manufacturing processes. Her key activities include: developing new alloys for specific applications; modifying existing alloys or processing conditions to maximise their performance, characterising microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti alloys in a range of sizes and developing new manufacturing processes to reduce manufacturing costs, whilst meeting mechanical property requirements for individual service conditions.

Professor Xinhua Wu has been involved extensively in Ti and TiAl alloys and in advanced powder processing, in particular for Ti and Ni alloy powders. Her research into alloy developmentand characterisation coversa range of Ti alloys (Ti64, Ti6246, Ti-15-3, Ti-15-3-0.1C, BuRTi, Ti5553…), TiAl (Ti4522XD, Ti46Al8Ta…), NiTi and NiTiCu shape memory alloys, NbSi ultrahigh temperature alloys etc.Her recent activities are mainly on development of innovative manufacturing including laser additive manufacturing and net-shape HIPping (hot isostatic pressing) which are technologies able to produce 3D complex components from their computer designs in one step, thus lead to a reduction in current manufacturing cost by 30-50% and reduction of material wastage by 90% and reduction of lead-time from 24 to 3 months for Ti, Ni, Al and steel structural components.

Her extensive collaboration with European aerospace companies and with European Framework projects typifies her drive and commitment to deliver aerospace-standard materials and processes.

Her recent activitieswith CRC Advanced Manufacturing and Baosteel mark the beginning of her upcoming research collaboration with partners in Pacific region on Ti ingots /forgings and Ti components for aircraft structures.