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Sunita Chauhan

Sunita Chauhan

+61 3 990 53551
Room 201, 82, Clayton Campus
PhD, DIC (Medical Robotics), Imperial College, London
Medical Robotics, BioMechatronics


  • Editor-in-Chief: Springer Reference (Medical Robotics/Bio-mechatronics Handbook)Invited Aug.2010 (forming the prospective editorial team); Scientific Advisory Board: ResearchGate; Editorial Board: Recent Patents on Medical Imaging; Editorial Board: Int. Jr. of Biomechatronics and Robotics


Project Supervision:

If you are interested to read a Ph.D. or Masters of Engineering at Monash University in the following areas, Please feel free to contact:

1) Medical/Surgical Robotics;

2) Biomechatronics and Computer Assisted Surgery;

3) Bio-physics and physiological modeling;

4) Medical Ultrasound (ultrasound surgery/therapy, interventional imaging and remote sensing, assisted drug delivery etc.);

5) Bio-sensors/transducers;

6) Intelligent automated control;

7) Underwater and Airborne acoustics

A range of FYP projects encompassing the above areas are available for the coming semester (students from Mechatronics stream, Mechanical Eng. Elect./Electronics Eng. all welcome to discuss your interest and the project scope could be tailored based on your background).

Professional Association:

Board of Directors: Ultrasound Industries Association, USA

Sr. Member IEEE: IEEE- Robotics Automation Society, IEEE- WIE Chapter, Exec. committee & Vice Chair 2009;

Member UIA, ISTU, Life member IACAS, Member SPIE

Research Interests:

  • Medical/surgical Robotics, BioMechatronics, Computer Assisted/Integrated Surgery, Ultrasound in Medicine (Diagnostic, Therapeutic, Surgical), Bio-Sensors/Transducers, Biosignal/Image-Processing/fusion, Real-time Surgical Planning/Monitoring, Surgical Feedback and Intelligent Control, Biomechanics and physiological modeling etc.