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Future Students
Mohidus Samad Khan

Mohidus Samad Khan


Mohidus’ research will contribute to the cheap manufacturing of high quality bioassays for health and environmental applications and low cost paper diagnosis. This will be especially useful in third world countries.

Mohidus says one of the most challenging aspects of his research experience was the transition from undergraduate to starting quality research. However, regular meetings with his supervisors eased the pressure.

“Engineering is a versatile and challenging discipline. It not only deals with the creative application of scientific principles to design machines, apparatus, or industrial processes, but it also considers managerial and socio-economic issues”.

Originally from Bangladesh, Mohidus saw a double benefit to studying at Monash; he could study at one of the top ranked universities in the world that resided in one of the most liveable cities in the world, Melbourne.

“In the Chemical Engineering department, Monash University has good research resources with diverse research programs. It is a good option for students who are looking for high quality research opportunities with a prestigious reputation. I feel proud to have the opportunity to do my postgraduate research at Monash University”.